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Culture is a way of life, of behavior, the realization of human research in the many forms it takes on. Culture is inner growth, evolution and change. Giacomini Investimenti supports and promotes contemporary art and culture in its various expressions, helping to create virtual and non-virtual discussion places on contemporary art and on the positive effects that cultural development has for a country.
The popularization of contemporary artistic production is a goal for Giacomini Investimenti: the modern expressive language as an interpreter of reality, a driver for development and change.

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Gunther Uecker Enrico Castellani at Ca’ Pesaro

From June 2012 to January 2013


Giacomini Investimenti is a proud sponsor of the presentation, in the prestigious exhibition halls of Ca’ Pesaro in Venice, of two great masters of contemporary art: Günther Uecker / Enrico Castellani are representatives of the last generation of the Gruppo Zero movement.
This joint exhibition, curated by Davide Di Maggio and Lóránd Hegyi, sheds a new light on the history of modern European art, setting the works of Enrico Castellani and Günther Uecker in a new historical and aesthetic context, suggesting an intellectual and philosophical reflection that offers visitors great visual richness without being didactic nor academic. Presented as a dialogue, the works of two artists offer a chance to reconsider the broad outlines of artistic development in the postwar period and reflect on a form of spiritual and sensual conceptualism, a typical and profoundly European phenomenon, and a central element in the work of both artists. The result is an unprecedented and surprising comparison that relates two artistic approaches, one Italian, the other German: two models of a systematic, conceptual and also sensorial art.
The exhibition proposes an important investigation of the different types of works of Günther Uecker and Enrico Castellani and a particular interpretation of the spaces of Ca’ Pesaro, treated artistically, giving the opportunity to analyze the positions of the two artists who despite having common goals, work in space and with space with different methods, conceiving it according to their own socio-cultural, anthropological and political context.

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