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IP Protection Analyst



The Fool is seeking a junior candidate for an operational role in our Intellectual Property Protection division. The figure, with a mixed legal/technical background, will be a member of our Intellectual Property Protection and Litigation support team operating as a leader in Italy, within the context of management and protection of Intellectual Property in Italy working for international companies. The figure will have operational role in the identification, collection, analysis and presentation of evidence and in contacts with structures subject to control and reporting.

  • Knowledge of the network and of hosting/housing mechanisms
  • Knowledge of the concepts of Computer Forensics and Chain of Custody
  • Knowledge of the technologies and systems underlying web protocols
  • Knowledge of Streaming platforms and technologies
  • Knowledge of On Line Sharing platforms and technologies
  • Knowledge of the laws of the DMCA and/or European E-commerce Directive

Education covering copyright law completes the ideal profile. Depending on the Seniority of the resource, a paid Internship will be offered to aid integration into the company, or will be integrated directly for applicants already skilled in the matters. The place of work is Milan. To apply send an email to [email protected] specifying in the subject “IP Protection Analyst Candidacy”.